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paarse boscross 2022 - foto patrick spruytenburg - 318
paarse boscross 2022 - foto patrick spruytenburg - 318
paarse boscross 2022 - foto patrick spruytenburg - 318
paarse boscross 2022 - foto patrick spruytenburg - 318
paarse boscross 2022 - foto patrick spruytenburg - 318
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Key information

The Paarse Boscross by E.S.A.V Asterix returns for the second year in 2023, hosting simultaneously the Kempische Cross Competitie circuit’s final stage and the NSK cross, where the best student cross-country runners of the Netherlands will be declared. The competition will take place on the 25th of February in the beautiful woods of Waalre, Noord-Brabant. 


Kempische Cross Competitie

10:00Recreanten (ook toegankelijk voor jeugd zonder wedstrijdlicentie)Max 4. ronde:
2550m (1x Obelix)
4950m (2x Obelix)
7350m (3x Obelix)
9750m (4x Obelix)
11:00 Mannen lange cross9750m (4x Obelix)
Mannen Masters 35-45-55-65-707350 (3x Obelix)
Vrouwen lange cross7350 (3x Obelix)
Vrouwen Masters 35-45-55-657350 (3x Obelix)
Mannen en Vrouwen U18 en U207350 (3x Obelix)
12:00Prijsuitreiking lange crossen7350 (3x Obelix)
12:15 Mannen korte cross incl. U18 en U202370m (Idefix + 2x Asterix)
Vrouwen korte cross, incl U18 en U202370m (Idefix + 2x Asterix)
Meisjes Junioren C2370m (Idefix + 2x Asterix)
Jongens Junioren C2370m (Idefix + 2x Asterix)
12:35Jongens Junioren D1600m (Idefix + Asterix)
Jongens Junioren D1600m (Idefix + Asterix)
12:45Prijsuitreiking korte crossen
Vanaf 13:00Jongens Pupillen Mini680m (Idefix)
Meisjes Pupillen Mini
Jongens Pupillen C
Meisjes Pupillen C
Jongens Pupillen B1070m (Asterix)
Meisjes Pupillen B
Jongens Pupillen A1210m (2x Idefix)
Meisjes Pupillen A
13:30Ludieke Estafette4x530m (Idefix)
13:45Prijsuitreiking KCC


14:05NSK LongWomen: 7350m (3x Obelix)
Men: 9750m (4x Obelix)
15:20NSK Short2370m (Idefix + 2x Asterix)
16:10NSK Team Relay4x530m (Idefix)
16:45Prijsuitreiking NSK Cross
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Sign up

Participation costs 6,00€ for recreational athletes and the long (lange) cross. The short (korte) cross and the junior and children’s (pupillen) races cost 3,50€. The relay is free.

The NSK events are 3,50€. The NSK relay is free as well!

Please note that sign-up is available until the 23rd of February. Late registrations are not possible. We also ask participants of the NSK to only sign up for the NSK and not for both KCC and NSK.

Participating as a student in the NSK requires a proof of enrollment to your institution to be uploaded. Otherwise, you’ll participate out-of-competition. You can upload the proof of enrollment here (either from 2021/2022 or 2022/2023 academic year).

Students that participate in the NSK can register for the dinner (8.50€, free for volunteers), after-party (2.50€), and sleeping + breakfast arrangements (2.50€) using the sign up button above. Volunteers and spectators may use the following form instead.

It is also possible to sign up as a volunteer here!

The routes

The routes will take you through a mix of loose sand, hills, and forest floor. They can be run with spikes.



General information

The last race of the Paarse Boscross is the fun relay, where teams of 4 can compete against each other on the Idefix course. Participation in the relay is free and signing up takes place on the day itself. A team does not have to consist of people from the same association, in fact we’d love to see mixed teams!

The NSK Team Relay subscriptions can be done through, or on the day itself by handing in a registration form at the secretariat.

If you plan on arriving by car, please only park your vehicle on the left side of Hutdijk road or leave it a short walk away at the Sint Christoffel elementary school (Maximiliaanlaan 1).

Also, make sure to check out our social media channels to stay up to date with the latest news and information.

Our sponsors



If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at









Contact addresses

Postal address
E.S.A.V. Asterix, Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1 5612 AW Eindhoven

Athletics track
E.S.A.V. Asterix, J.C. Dirkxpad 3 5631 BZ Eindhoven